Great Breakfast in Anacortes at Great Prices!

Start your day off right with the best breakfast in Anacortes at The Nest! Choosing from a chorus of healthy, delicious, and affordable American classic favorites, all prepared with as much local and organic ingredients we can source. A favorite dine-in or order-out takeout or delivery spot among budget-conscious locals, our breakfast menu is sure to delight your taste buds, make you body happy, and give your wallet a break!

Best Breakfast in Anacortes & Fidalgo Island

Healthy, Organic & Local as Possible

Good food begins with good ingredients, and we go the extra mile to source organic and locally grown produce and dairy as much as possible. Not only does this approach allow us to serve fresher, healthier meals, but it also helps us support the hardworking farmers in our community.

Community at Heart

Breakfast here is more than just a meal—it’s a celebration of community. Our restaurant is a melting pot of friendly faces, from our dedicated staff to our regular patrons and first-time visitors. Every breakfast is served with a side of warmth and camaraderie. Whether you’re catching up with old friends over pancakes or fueling up for the day with a solo meal, you’re always in good company at The Nest.

Health & Taste Go Hand in Hand

Healthy food should never compromise on taste, and our breakfast menu is thoughtfully crafted to offer a balance of nutritional benefits and mouthwatering flavors. From protein-packed omelets to fiber-rich oatmeal bowls and antioxidant-rich fruit smoothies, our dishes are created to keep you energized and satisfied. With plenty of vegetarian and gluten-free options at breakfast, lunch, and dinner, there’s something for every dietary preference.

Join Us for Breakfast

Ready to kickstart your day with the best breakfast in Anacortes? Come on over to The Nest! We’re open bright and early, ready to whip up your favorite breakfast dishes. Whether you’re a fan of sweet or savory, light or hearty, we’ve got something to tickle your taste buds. You’re not just a customer here—you’re part of our community! Here’s to good food, great company, and the promise of a healthy start to your day. Call us with any questions you may have, and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Breakfast in Anacortes & Fidalgo Island │ The Nest

Healthy, Delicious, Affordable Breakfast in Anacortes


What a find The Nest is! The food is ‘oh my god’ delicious and beautifully presented. Such reasonable prices, too. Kim is a treasure, so welcoming and accommodating.

Alyson R.

If you can visit the Nest and meet Kim, your life will be better. So welcoming, fun, and attentive. We couldn’t stop smiling. The food was excellent, great cafe food that is simple and delicious.

Katie J.

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